About us

The name of our company which creates and manufactures natural, educational games and toys for children of all ages is '' Domiņa '' (pronounced ''dominja'') . In Latvian this word means '' thought'' or '' idea''. Our intent is to further a child's creative thining process.

Our roots

Our small family business grew out of personal need - the lack of educational toys in post-soviet Latvia. With three small children to raise we started inventing and making our own toys and games. This has been an inspirational labor of love.

Our games and toys are made of natural materials and further the development of a childs mind and creativity as well as motoric skills and dexterity. We use only ecological non-toxic paint.

Many of our games and mosaics are suitable also for older children and adults to encourage older siblings , parents and grandparents to play with younger family members.

Why wooden developing toys?

In our age of plastic toys, violent computer games and watching TV for hours unsupervised, our non-competitive games further their socialization of child and strengthen family ties.