Ecological wooden baby beads (age 0-1)

6.50 EUR

This toy was made as a favour to the baby massaging centre - the specialists had a problem that it is really hard to find tools for stimulating children finger musculature, palm massage and coordination training. Especially qualitative and safe ones.

So, when the massaging centre was set , we decided that , hey - lets offer this toy to a wider audience.

The toy consists of 12 balls with a bigger-smaller-bigger size rhythm. The string is wide and strong, with the net safety embedded in one of the balls. 

To look how the toddlers react to this toy is amazing - eyes get bigger and hands are reaching out by themselves. Of course, the first movement is to taste the new toy. But that's ok, because the colours are 100% ecological and painted in rich layer - we know how sharp the babies teeth can be, and how easily they can make the wood underneath it visible :) 

The magic happens already with the first grip - just by holding the toy in hand, the bigger balls will help the palm to open up (by training palm muscles ). And the contrast of sizes is the best for massaging little fingers while developing little finger musculature. And when the teeth is coming - there is nothing better than toy, that is easy to grip and put in the mouth.

These beans has a calming effect , that most of the parents finds truly useful when its time for longer walks or visiting - the wood is natural material, and when child holds it in hand, it gets warm, that makes the toy more loveable and familiar. Another secret of calming down is the colours - they are bright enough to keep babies attention, but not so bright, to wear him out. 

The colours are sorted in rainbow colours with variety of tones, that develops the sense of colours and aesthetics.

As it is 100% handmade, we guarantee the quality and safeness of this toy.