Of course, unwrought wood leaves more natural feeling, but it leaves better space for germs to grow and proliferate. 

Especially in early age, toys are tasted and nibbled – they are always moist. And raw wood sucks up this moist and creates good environment for germs.  

And other point is, that colored wood is easier to clean. One wipe drawn and all mosaic of fingerprints, food and other dirts are gone. 

We feel responsible for every item, even if it was bought years ago. If something got broken, dog eat something, or something got lost – we will take care of it. At first let us know, what is the problem via email. Then, using mail, you can sent us the broken item, we will repair it, and send you back. Or, if there is a need for a replacing – we will sent you the missing item.

vairs nav iespejams, si lapa vairs nav aktiva

If the item is in the shop, it is sent in 24h. We use Latvian post, so the delivery time depends on them, but usually it takes 3 days to deliver in Latvia and 9-12 days to reach foreign countries. Every purchase receives tracking number, so it is easy to track the route of item.

If the shipping destination is out of European Union some custom taxes can be applied when receiving our item (depends on your country policy)

If the shipping costs due to some reasons (multiple item purchase, shipping tariff changes etc.) are less than you paid we will refund the difference

For international shipping we accept only Paypal as payment method. But if you don't have a Paypal account you can pay with a credit card too!